5 Things to Consider Before Switching to a Standing or Sit/Stand Desk

October is National Ergonomic Month!

It’s not new or innovational, but the benefits of standing or height-adjustable surfaces are still there. Increased blood flow, energy levels and productivity, and decreased risk of disease and joint/muscle pain are just some of the reasons that people make the switch to these more flexible stations.

With that being said, studies show that the real goal is to avoid sedentary workdays and any single position – just sitting or standing – for long periods of time. This is why sit/stand workstations have become more of a “norm” over the past decade.

If you haven’t already made the switch, or perhaps you aren’t enjoying your standing desk as much as you expected, we have some recommendations to help you find what’s right for you.

Ergotron WorkFit

1. Try before you buy.

Going from long periods of sitting each day to being back on your feet can feel strange at first. Before committing to the switch, try propping up your monitors on books or boxes to get a feel for the difference; or you can get a sample from Perry Office Plus to test out before making an investment.

2. Fixed or Adjustable surfaces – which do you prefer?

Fixed-height desks can be combined with a tall task stool to allow for a quick and simple switch between sitting and standing without moving parts. The HON Voi series offers various bases, worksurfaces, and shelves you can combine to create your perfect workstation.

With that being said, most standing desks now are adjustable to better suit all people, so what you really need to decide is how often you want to adjust the height of your desk, which leads into our next tip!

3. How will you adjust height? Hand-crank, pneumatic, or electric.

If you enjoy standing while working but still want to rest your feet occasionally, decide if you prefer sitting off the ground or with your feet touching the floor. Also consider if you want to upgrade to a brand-new desk or simply a riser to place on your current desk (which could also save you quite a bit of money).

Do you rarely plan to lower your desk? You can save money with a hand-crank, like the ESI Crank; just take into consideration that this does require a little muscle.

If you plan to adjust your height often, a pneumatic or electric option may be best for you. Pneumatic desks, like the HON Coordinate Desktop Riser, provide assistance and allow you to physically adjust the level yourself. Electric bases, like the Knoll K. Base, can adjust your height at the push of a button.

ESI Crank
HON Coordinate Desktop Riser
Knoll K. Base

4. Consider your accessories.

Monitors & Keyboards: Mounting your monitors and keyboard tray (if applicable) and setting them to the correct ergonomic height will make the switch from sit to stand simpler. The ESI Climb is a great example of an all-in-one product for this exact purpose.

Cable Management: Never worry about cables as you adjust your desk height. Accessories like the ESI Conceal expand and contract with your desk to keep cables organized and out of the way.

Chair Mat: We all know to protect our floors, but when considering a standing desk, it’s important to note your comfort while standing. Look for an anti-fatigue mat, like the Deflecto Sit-Stand Mat, that can protect your floor while providing cushion for your feet.

ESI Climb
ESI Conceal
Deflecto Sit-Stand Mat

5. Consult a professional!

We’re here to help! Get in contact with a Perry furniture consultant to assess your work area, listen to your needs, and help you select the standing desk that is right for you. We offer delivery and installation services to ensure you are set up properly.

Contact our team at (800) 234-6605 or furniture@perryop.com

As a final fun fact: if you decide you want to combine your standing desk with a killer workout, there are some standing desks that come with treadmills!