Choosing the Right Table for the Job

When it comes to tables, one size does NOT fit all!

We’re here to help match you with the tables and workstations that fit the individual needs of every facet of your workplace, from offices to break rooms to conference rooms and beyond!


These are kind of your “jack-of-all-trades” tables, at least in community spaces. Training tables are easily configurable and can accommodate groups of any size thanks to their ganging capabilities. Whether you’re looking to hold a small team meeting or bring in your whole office to go over procedures, training tables can quickly turn a standard room into a functional space!

Some of our favorites are the HON Huddle and Knoll Pixel – both of which have flip-bases available, something we consider crucial for simplified storage, and optional built-in power availability.


Not only do they help you avoid a sedentary workday, the benefits of height-adjustable surfaces include increased blood flow, energy levels and productivity, and decreased risk of disease and joint/muscle pain, which makes it no surprise that many over the past few years have made the switch. What’s great is that as height-adjustable workstations have become more popular, manufacturers have expanded their design, so you’re not limited to the standard height-adjustable look of a surface on T-legs, but can now find oversized and executive styles as well!


Gone are the days of bulky, heavy, dark wood conference tables (unless your office has a very specific aesthetic). Instead, conference spaces should be open, bright, and comfortable to encourage discussion and collaboration. They should be available not only for formal meetings, but casual gatherings, touchdown points, and celebrations!

This doesn’t mean the traditional look has to be abandoned, but modern furniture has a more lightweight look to it, and we think this is great for making spaces more inviting.


Sometimes, a table isn’t made for a single purpose. It can just be decorative, or something you use when convenient, and it can work in almost any room – which brings us to occasional tables!

They can be placed next to seating as a side table or to prop a lamp on, or in the bathroom to hold towels and supplies, or in the hallway as a place to set flowers and artwork, or in the entryway with a greeting to guests. You may even occasionally use them as touchdown spaces around the office – really, the only limit to occasional tables is your own creativity!


Despite their name, dining tables aren’t just for eating at – they’re places for your team and guests to mingle, meet, collaborate, and/or take a break at. These multi-functional tables can range be small or large, seated or bar height, and include accessories such as built-in power or bag hooks!


Coffee tables could technically overlap with occasional tables, and a lot of our furniture manufactures make matching coffee and occasional tables to make a room more cohesive, however, a coffee table can also act as a stand-alone piece. They’re points of convenience and decor set in common spaces, and depending on your aesthetic, they give you the opportunity to add a little extra pizazz to your space!


Last but certainly not least, outdoor tables are designed to withstand the elements, from sun to rain to wind to dirt. They can also be some of the first pieces of furniture someone sees when visiting your business, so you want to make sure you consider the vibe and style you want to give off. Outdoor tables don’t have to just be classic meshed metal, there are countless options to match your aesthetic!

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