Furniture Spotlight: Veterans Benefits Administration

In November of 2019, the Perry Office Plus Furniture Team began a year-long phased-remodel project of the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) building in Waco, Texas.

Our team collaborated with the Knoll GSA team to create a comprehensive and competitive spec for the bid, and was awarded the multi-million dollar project.

Like all of our projects, it was a very hands-on process, and our team managed all aspects of the project, including communication with Knoll and the VBA, specification, design changes, ordering, installation, walkthroughs, follow ups, and repairs. We pride ourselves on providing an on-site project manager for the duration of the installation, ensuring that everything looks exactly as it is expected to. If our customer decides they aren’t happy with the layout, we gladly work with them to reach a result that everyone is pleased with!

In the end, this massive project resulted in 450 cubicle workstations, 200+ benching workstations, and 85+ private offices, along with storage areas, conference rooms, break rooms, the lobby, and the ancillary.

Highlighted Pieces

Providing employees with sit-to-stand workstations allows them to choose when to stretch their legs and when to lounge comfortably!
Utilizing hidden outlets in conference rooms allows for convenience during meetings and more controlled cable management.
Individual lockers provide a space to keep misc. belongings to free up space at workstations.
An open, minimalist break room give employees a place to enjoy lunch or take a break in an open and comfortable setting.
With 450 cubicle workstations, the Perry Team placed two workspaces to a station and used glass divider to keep the space from feeling claustrophobic.
Matching textures and colors make a space more cohesive. You’ll notice this light wood is consistent throughout our project, from the workstations to the storage.