Furniture Spotlight: High School Designed for Collaboration & Innovative Teaching

In the Spring of 2020, Perry Office Plus assisted with product selection, design, space planning, and delivery and installation of a wide array of seating, tables, office furniture, and other furnishings at the newly constructed Lake Belton High School.

The areas of focus were collaborative, professional environments for the staff and a variety of multifunctional socialization and study spaces for the students. We were excited to showcase an array of colors and textures to give an open and inviting feel to every room!

See the outcome of this project and hear from Principal Jill Ross and Belton ISD Purchasing Coordinator Cynthia Arevalo about the original vision for the project and their experience with the Perry team:

Check out the rest of our Furniture Portfolio videos on our YouTube channel!

Highlighted Pieces

When seating & shelving combine to serve double duty, space is maximized.
Move beyond traditional study spaces by mixing heights & materials for a more modern look.
A table with mixed-and-matched seating creates a fun & casual atmosphere for staff meetings.
Touchdown spaces provide landing spots for staff who may move from classroom to classroom.
Our team works with built-in elements like these surfaces to achieve functional, attractive spaces.
Tying one space to another creates cohesion, even when the function is different.
Classic Knoll seating creates an elevated lounge space.
Mixing in soft seating at tables provides a different twist on the typical library seating arrangement.
For staff members without stationary workspaces, professional lockers are helpful.
This Knoll Creative Wall provides a spine for this media center, serving as the centerpiece of a collaborative area, with plenty of HON storage.
There are plenty of ways to add fun & color in collaborative spaces.
Creating the feel of a higher education environment means providing a variety of seating options for eating, working, & taking a break.