How to Choose the Right Chair Mat for Your Workstation

Prevent wear and tear on your floors by safeguarding them with a chair mat! Our Deflecto premium vinyl chair mats are USDA-certified bio-based products containing 30% bio-based content, are made in the USA, and are Greenguard Gold certified.

We know trying to select the right mat can be overwhelming, so we’ve narrowed it down to the 4 main things you need to consider.

1. Floor Surface

The thicker the carpet, the thicker your mat needs to be for the best performance:

  • Hard Floor – Smooth Surface
  • Flat Pile Carpet – Up to 1/4″
  • Low Pile Carpet – Up to 3/8″
  • Medium Pile Carpet – Up to 1/2″
  • High Pile Carpet – Over 1/2″

TIP: Top measure carpet thickness, insert a paper clip through the carpet and pad to the sub-floor. Make a mark and measure the portion of the paper clip that entered the carpet and the pad.

2. Usage

How many hours each day are you sitting at your desk? There are a variety of chair mats designed for occasional (<4 hours), moderate (6-8 hours), and frequent (8+ hours) usage.

TIP: Are you at a sit/stand workstation? You may want to consider a chair mat specifically designed with anti-fatigue cushion to prevent standing discomfort and makes the transition from sit to stand a smooth one!

3. Shape

Decide what shape would best suit your work-style:

  • Rectangular/Square – Most versatile shape that allows for maximum mobility. Can be placed up against desk, or you can lift your desk to fit completely under.
  • Lipped – First compactly under most desks. Most popular shape since you don’t need to lift your desk to get under-desk coverage.
  • Workstation – Contoured, rounded design fits between L-shape, U-shape, or Corner workstations.

Custom shapes may be available. Contact our Furniture Team to discuss your needs!

4. Surface Area

Consider your total floor space, the width (and depth) of your workstation, and the size of your chair base. Also consider how much space you may want to allocate for general rolling. Most mats range from 35″ x 40″ to 72″ x 96″, with the most popular sizes being 36″ x 48″, 46″ x 60″, and 60″ x 72″.

Complete Your Workstation

The Furniture by Perry team is here to help you design the perfect workstation for your needs, from desk and chair selection to storage, accessories, and chair mats! Browse our website and contact them today to get started, whether you’re looking for a single pieces or a total revamp!

  • Provide you with custom layouts and renderings
  • Recommend furniture designed for your needs
  • Help you select colors, finishes, and features
  • Manage your project with your timeline and budget in mind!