How to Speak Furniture

Do you find yourself lost when browsing the vast furniture options of Perry Office Plus? Or maybe you whip out your phone and start googling words after speaking to one of our furniture experts (which isn’t necessary, just ask! They are happy to help you understand the fancy-schmancy words they’ve got stored in their heads.) Either way, our friends at HON have a complete glossary of furniture terminology to ensure you have all the information you need, when you need it. And we’re here to highlight a few of our favorite terms:

L-Desk / U-Desk – These are two of the more straightforward terms. Like their name implies, an L-Desk is shaped like the letter “L” and is made up of two surfaces, and the U-Desk is shaped like a “U” and made of three surfaces. When choosing the placement of these desks, determine the job of the person behind the desk, and consider one of the following configurations.

Credenza – Credenzas are a combo work surface/storage unit that can be located behind your desk or under a larger work surface. They aren’t a desk themselves, as they have no leg-space, but they can be apart of your L- or U-Desk!

Hutch – Hutches are cabinets or shelves that are added on top of work surfaces to add storage without sacrificing floor space. They pair especially well with multi-surface desks!

Overheads – This is what we’ll say when talking about overhead storage options. They can refer to hutches and wall-mounted storage.

File Pedestal – Consisting of one or two small drawers and one file drawer, these little things are great if you are wanting to stay organized but have limited space or not a ton to keep track of. They can sit next to a desk and act as a side table, or slide right up under your desk.

Lateral File & Vertical File – Laterals are your wide filing cabinets that allow for both side-to-side and front-to-back storage. These are great for archival purposes or when you have a plethora of files to keep track of! Verticals are the filing cabinets that are deep and only wide enough for one row of files. They are intended for front-to-back filing and a great option for individual departments.

Ergonomic Assessment – Our experienced team is happy to suggest furniture or furniture attachments that will improve your staff’s health and well-being. These include adjustable monitor arms, lumbar support, foot rests, and proper lighting.

Drawings & Renderings – After measuring your space, our furniture team creates digital layouts (drawings) to ensure that all of your selected furniture will fit comfortably. In certain situations, a 3D, colorized rendering can also be generate to get a better idea of how the space will look when complete!

Installation – This is when our team delivers, assembles, and sets up all of these furniture pieces and makes sure they are ready for use. We take back all boxes and trash, leaving a clean, ready-to-use workspace!

Did you learn any new furniture terminology today? Are you ready to talk like a pro on your next project with our furniture experts? We hope so! When you need new furniture, whether it’s a single chair or a whole buildings worth, our team is here to help.  Reach out at or (800) 234-6605.