It’s the Little Things: Details that Make Your Furniture Stand Out

You don’t need to design your workplace around bold colors, unique shapes, or straight-up oddities to make it stand out (unless that’s the aesthetic you’re going for!) When you’re wanting to furnish a comfortable workplace that still has a “wow” factor, consider intentional details that can add a touch of tradition, elegance, or individuality.

Check out these examples of how little details can make a big difference:


The OFS Rowen series featured at NeoCon ’23 showed how much of a difference something as simple as buttons could make.

They crafted leather, diamond-shaped buttons to create tufted cushions, and the shape of the buttons references the rotated angle of the faceted legs. While the seating looks great without the buttons as well, we think that for certain workplaces, this small detail can elevate it’s environment.

Dual Tones

If you’re looking to add a bit of visual interest to a room, using a dual tone on a couple of pieces can help achieve that. Whether it’s through the use of different fabrics on your seating, woods or laminates on your tables, or accented pieces on your walls, by combining two (or more) complimenting colors, a sense of depth is added to the pieces!

Check out these examples to see what we mean:

Unique Stitching

Stitching may be the most detailed detail of all, and you may be surprised what can be done to highlight it. For example, the Hightower Flote Lounge Collection has three stitch details available: Standard, Welt, and Zipper (the last two of which were featured at NeoCon ’23 and won its “Best of Competition” award!)

And in reference to the “Welt” stitching above, our team has noticed several other manufactures who feature raised stitching, whether in a bold and dramatic fashion, such as Frovi’s Alto Sofa with “pillow-edge shaping” to provide maximum comfort and res-pitality vibes, or subtly, like the Knoll Rockwell Unscripted Upholstered Seating.

A Pop of Color

A colorful office is one full of visual interest and can improve employee mood and engagement, but even a little pop of color can go a long way in brightening up a space. NaughtOne’s Sweep Coffee Table and their Penny Stool are perfect examples of this, with their versatile design options, one of which being 16 vibrant color options for the base/legs.

Thoughtful, Multi-Functional Design

Last but not least, considering the purpose of your furniture and selecting pieces that are designed around that purpose shows thoughtfulness and can improve workplace comfort.

For example, the HON Tangram is great for and designed for educational spaces, which is shown through it’s soft, rounded corners for safety purposes, 27 mix-and-match shapes and sizes because every education space is different, built-in power, and easy-to-use ganging brackets to keep units aligned even in active environments!

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