Stylish & Clever: Furnishings Your School Library or Media Center

Gone are the days of static, boring furniture for young learners. Today’s youth needs fun and engaging furnishings that enhance their environment. Whether it’s a school or public library, a media center, or somewhere else where children gather, make sure the space is one that will bring out their creativity!

Here are 6 stylish and clever options that we happily recommend:


Today’s media centers are living, breathing spaces that need to stay flexible and adaptable, and the Storyline bookcase collection offers organic movement and customized zone options.

With a variety of capacity, size, and shape options accommodate a wide range of work applications, from cozy nooks to industrious learning hubs, and a steel back panel that can transform the product into a collaborative markerboard or function as color-coded wayfinding throughout the space, Storyline offers anyone an adventure in learning and connection!


Young minds need more than just standard, run-of-the-mill seating to stay creative and engaged. As learning environments evolve from static to more flexible team learning, the need for adaptive seating has grown.

With a variety of configuration options, soft upholstered comfort, durable bistro-back tables, energetic color, ganging brackets, and built-in power capabilities, building connections has never been more fun than with Tangram Seating modules!


Organic, fluid environments are essential to the physical and emotional comfort of every young learner, and Confetti Floor Cushions and Lounges pass every test with flying colors! These colorful, portable, customizable seating solutions encourage young learners to sit where they please, gather with ease, and stay connected and creative in their own way.

With soft foam support, integrated handles for easy portability, and vibrant fabric options, Confetti allows students to navigate the room on an individual basis to create a safe, stress-free learning environment.


A dynamic, effortlessly mobile storage collection designed to maximize space, promote flexibility, encourage healthy movement throughout the day, and inspire creativity. Class-ifi is colorful, mobile, and designed to store a variety of belongings, from arts and crafts, to jackets and bags, to books and games,and more!

Slotted end panels with accessories, whiteboard panels, and magnetic capabilities make Class-ifi an ideal solution for all sorts of educational activities.

Fold Tables

These tables are exactly what you need, when you need them. Its durable casters and flip/nest capabilities with the turn of a knob allow users to reconfigure with ease. Move tables together for collaboration, apart for solo studies, or out of the way entirely by nesting them together for convenient storage.

Available with a concave or rectangular top, laminate or dry-erase surface, silver or black frame, and privacy panel, Fold can be personalized to your needs!

OM & Kolo Pods

Libraries and media centers are great resources to focus on productivity and collaboration, but with a mix of group projects and solo-studies, sometimes it can prove difficult for students to truly focus. The OM & Kolo can help with this.

These clear pods with 32-33dB NIC ratings are perfect for open-spaces that want to keep that open feel while giving students in groups of 1-6 a quiet space to work. With sit or stand options and motion-activated lights and ventilation, these pods can work in a variety of spaces!

Let’s Get Started

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