Warm Up Your Workplace with Wood

As office furniture has evolved, wood furnishings may seem like they have been nearly completely phased out in place of more plastic, metal, and fabric pieces. However, wood pieces still have a place in today’s workplaces and wood tones are always a popular choice.

Here are some ways our Furniture Experts can help you add wood and wood-tone furnishings to your workspace — while considering your individual needs and aesthetics!

Keep Traditional Elements


Wood has commonly been used in executive offices, as it can convey sophistication or simply appear expensive! While a ‘traditional’ look might conjure images of an ‘old-fashioned’ bank office, there’s no reason a sturdy wooden desk, a thick wooden shelf, or even a light-and-airy executive set couldn’t accent the modern office nicely!

Create Natural Comfort


Wood is the most accessible natural material you can incorporate into your workplace. It can make spaces feel warmer or more connected to the outdoors. Wood tones used in the right way can create a calm, comfortable space for your team and office guests.

Make a Statement


Wood tones are perfect for giving your space a bold centerpiece or creating a nice contrast with other furnishings or structural elements. You might opt for a large piece that can give an area more ‘visual weight’, or something smaller or lighter to avoid adding too much to an already busy space.



Mixing different wood tones can add a lot of visual interest to a space. Our designers can make recommendations regarding the undertones of the woods to ensure that everything is cohesive.

Wood You Like an Office Refresh?


The Furniture by Perry team has the experience and knowledge to work with you budget and aesthetics, ensuring the final product meets your expectations, whether it’s a single piece or a full furnishing! Check out some of our previous projectsmeet our team, and get started on your next project!